Prices and FAQ

Please remember, that for all treatments, we must hold a signed veterinary referral form, these can be downloaded from our website. If you prefer, by prior arrangement, we can organise the referral form to be sent direct to your vet.

Click here for your Veterinary Referral form.

All dogs, whatever therapy they have arrived at the centre for, will be given a health check.

Prices as of October 1st 2019


Hydrotherapy – Pool Rehabilitation – 35 mins £39.50

Snowy’s provide assistance for your dog during the pool rehabilitation sessions at all times. In some cases dog’s require more support and encouragement, this could be due to something as simple as having reduced mobility or a more complicated issue such as a dog with degenerative myelopathy, with the number of therapists available we are able to provide maximum care and safety for your dog.

Hydrotherapy – Treadmill Rehabilitation– 35 mins £42.00

At Snowy’s there are always at least three therapists available for treadmill sessions, to ensure your dog receives the best care and support in their recovery process. However, with more complicated cases such as spinal, total hip replacement, or nerve debilitating conditions, we are able to provide 5+ therapists per treatment, and there is no extra charge for this service.

Hydrotherapy – Fitness Swims / Learn to swim requiring one therapist – 35 mins £35.00

Hydrotherapy – Learn to swim requiring two therapists – 35 mins £37.00

You can prepay and book for blocks of sessions and get a discount

Blocks of 5 sessions of Hydrotherapy Pool Rehabilitation  (paid in advance) £187.63

Blocks of 10 sessions of Hydrotherapy Pool Rehabilitation (paid in advance) £365.38

Blocks of 5 sessions of Hydrotherapy Treadmill Rehabilitation  (paid in advance) £199.50

Blocks of 10 sessions of Hydrotherapy Treadmill Rehabilitation (paid in advance) £388.50

(Please note that the pre-paid sessions must be completed within six months)

(Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances)

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy – Single Joint Treatment – 30 mins – £27.00 per session

Laser Therapy – 5 Session Treatment Package – £128.25

Laser Therapy – Multiple Joint Treatment (Includes Vertebrae, Hind Limbs and Fore Limbs) – 1 hour – £50.00 per session

Laser Therapy – 5 Session Treatment Package – £237.50

Laser Therapy – Single Session + Myotherapy - £72.00

Laser Therapy – Multiple Session + Myotherapy - £95.00


Myotherapy – Initial consultation 1 1/2hrs £55.00

Myotherapy – follow up £45.00

Stance Anaylser

Stance Anaylser - 30 mins £15.00

Other Services

Snowy's Orthopedic Referral Services - Andrei Uricaru - Call for details

Physical Muscle Development – Call for details

Physiotherapy – Call for details

All prices are inclusive of VAT. We accept all major credit and debit cards, or you can pay by bank transfer.

Please be aware that sometimes the length of the sessions may alter, this will be dependent on the dog’s condition, fitness level, needs and ability. The prices are fixed regardless of the possible change in session timing.

On your first appointment we like to allow an hour, this enables us to assess the dog correctly, give a comprehensive health check, also it is very likely that your dog will be in the water for a shorter time, this allows us to assess the recovery period.

Please click here for full terms and conditions.

All sessions are by prior appointment only.

Some points to remember before and after a therapy session at Snowy’s Canine Therapy Centre

  • Please do not feed your dog for at least 2 hours prior to therapy
  • Allow a minimum of 2 hours after therapy before feeding
  • If your dog has an open wound, infectious or contagious condition, such as gastric upsets, ear, eye or skin infections or your bitch is in season, your therapy session would need to be postponed
  • Your dog may behave differently after a therapy session, please read your post treatment information leaflet
  • Please allow your dog to have a drink both before and after therapy
  • Please allow your dog to evacuate both bowels and bladder before and after therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a vet referral?

Yes for both Hydrotherapy and Myotherapy a vet, referral is necessary. The form can be downloaded from our website.

Do I need to make an appointment?

All sessions for therapy require appointment arrangement, either call 01233 434068 or email

I would like my dog to learn to swim. He has not ever swum before will he be okay?

It is surprising; many dogs have not swum before. Hydrotherapy is a great way to ensure your dog can swim okay. All dogs are fitted with a buoyancy jacket; they are carefully guided into the pool down our purposely-built secure safe ramp. They will have a hydrotherapist with them to support them and aid them in the correct movements. After a few sessions, you will find that your dog really begins to enjoy their swimming.

Will there be other dogs in the pool?

No, your dog will have exclusive use of the pool. In addition to this we have an entry and exit door, this avoids any confrontational situations. This makes Snowy’s Canine Therapy Centre a safe place to bring your dog, if they feel uncomfortable around other dogs.

Does hydrotherapy help my dog lose weight?

Yes, but this would have to be in conjunction with a controlled diet.

Why can I not just take my dog to the lake or the beach and have the same effect?

Firstly, safety – when your dog is in a lake or at the beach, there is no control of their swimming, you are not aware of what is below the water and in the sea there are strong currents, that you might not be aware off. In addition to this the hydrotherapy pool is heated, therefore there is not the risk of the cold water constricting the blood vessels close to the skin, which in turn restricts the blood flow to the muscles. Therefore, the cold muscles could stiffen up and cramp, causing further damage.

Can I claim the cost of hydrotherapy or myotherapy on my pet insurance?

Please refer to your insurance company, as many companies have their own policies regarding canine hydrotherapy and myotherapy.

What happens if I am late for my appointment?

We will try to accommodate you the best we can, this could mean that your session may be shortened if there is another appointment directly after yours.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

All dogs attending Snowy’s Canine Therapy Centre will need to have an up to date vaccination. Homeopathic vaccinations are accepted (proof may be requested).