Elsa Owen

Owner: Gillian Owen

"Elsa has been going to Snowy's for 9 months now as she was diagnosed with Elbow Dysplasia, following an operation at Fitzpatrick's, they recommended hydrothreapy. I have absolutely no doubt that she has benefitted immensely from her weekly session. She goes through the exercise routines as she knows when she has finished she gets a lovely cuddle, which is very important to her as she loves Jackie!

Since she has started there has been no sign of any limping or discomfort. She also has regular Myotherapy sessions which she throughly enjoys and confirms that her joints and muscles are now much improved. Elsa is a true bouncy Viszla and is full of energy so it's really good to witness her channelling his energy into something that really helps her." - Gillian Owen, 31.07.18

Scarlett Adourian

Owner: Yester Adourian

"I started bringing my rescue dog Roscoe to Snowy's hydrotherapy a few months ago on the advice of my vet to help him build up his strength after a double cruciate surgery. Jackie and her team were so professional. They took various measurements of his legs as well as a full history and made extensive notes during each of his treadmill sessions so that they could monitor his progress. They also emailed me after every session with an update. Roscoe loved coming for his hydrotherapy sessions - he used to whine throughout the whole car journey once he knew where he was going! 

I was so impressed with Snowy's that I asked Jackie if I could bring my other rescue, Scarlett, for leasure. Scarlett is not very confident and hates water so Jackie let me bring her a few times prior to starting her swimming sessions to get used to being near the water. They all made such a fuss of Scarlett and really put her at ease. Jackie let Scarlett and Roscoe swim together the first time she went in the water to gain confidence. Scarlett is becoming much happier about getting into the pool as the weeks go by. She has turned into a really good swimmer and thoroughly enjoys playing 'fetch' in the water. She will even walk through puddles now whereas before starting swimming she used to walk around them! 

Jackie, Tig, Sammy and Summer are so caring and you really feel as if your dog is their priority - nothing else matters to them. They will bend over backwards to accommodate your dog and help them in any way they can even if it's something really small like remembering your dogs favourite toy and making sure they have it for their session. There is always a treat and a cuddle for your dog if they want it. It's such a pleasure to take your dog to Snowy's where you can relax because you know your dog is being looked after and you can enjoy watching your dog enjoying themselves." - Yester Adourian, 03.08.18

Flora McDonald

Owner: Annie McDonald

"Following a period of intermittent lamness, Flora was X-Rayed in April and diagnosed with bilateral luxating patellas. Her kneecaps slipped sideways causing pain and she already showed signs of arthritis. The otheropeadic vet recommended operating on her left leg immediately and 6-8 weeks later her right. Ten days after the first operation he reffered her to Snowy's for hydrotherapy to build muscle strength before her second operation. 

Jackie very kindly made space in her busy schedule to begin Flora's rehabilitation. Unfortunately, the painful manipulation during diagnosis has made her wary of being touched by strangers. Her first session was on day 14 after the operation and Flora rehemently objected to the whole process. Although she has never nipped anyone, she was very defensive and giving strong verbal warnings. Far from being put off by her attitude, the highly professional team at Snowy's responded with calm, sensitive encouragement. I cannot praise them enoguh for their kind, caring handling of this very grumpy reactive dog. The emphasis was always on staying within her comfort zone and helping her to work on the treadmill without stress. This was achieved within a few sessions (the change in her aggresive reaction was little short of miraculous). She improved her muscle strength sufficiently to have the second operation 7 weeks after the first. 

Flora now enters the treadmill without hesitation and is gradually working her way back to full strength. This has been a stressful few months for her (and me!) but she has recovered very well thanks to the expert care she has recieved and is well on her way to racing after squirrels again." - Annie McDonald, 07.08.18

Willow’s first Hydrotherapy session. I knew she would participate with enthusiasm as that he the way she is. She loves swimming and running etc. She lay quietly on the floor, as normal in the van on the 45 min drive home and was probably asleep. She stayed on her bed, again asleep most of the time until 3:30.She had dinner as usual and a 15 minute on lead walk at 7pm. She is her normal self as she has been while confined after her operation. Look forward to seeing you next week. Thank you for your expertise and care of Willow during her session.

Thank you it is a lovely setting and our experience was very positive. All the staff are very caring and made us so welcome. Harvey certainly enjoyed himself and all the fuss.