Meet The Team

Jackie Dyson

Centre Owner and Head Therapist

Jackie is the centre owner here at Snowy’s, she has trained in the application of hydrotherapy, myotherapy and physical muscular development exercises. Jackie began Snowy’s following a diagnosis of Osteochondritis (OCD) and DJD (Degenerative Joint Disorder) in her own dog Snowball (Snowy). Since then Snowy’s has developed into a real passion, with an aim of helping not only her own special girl, but also to help other pets to enjoy a better, longer and more pain-free life.

  • Level 3 Diploma in Hydrotherapy in Small Animals
  • Level 3 Diploma in Canine Myotherapy
  • Introduction to Canine Anatomy and Physiology
  • Galen First Aid for Dogs
  • Advanced Hydro Treadmill for Small Animals
  • Certificate in Companion Animal Health Class IV Laser CTX Machine
  • Currently studying for a Level 5 Diploma in Advanced Canine Hydrotherapy

    Jess Pearce

    Associate Director & Senior Advanced Practitioner

    For Jess animals are a massive part of her life and a huge passion. Jess has always worked with them from the day she left school. Her working life started at a boarding kennels which she very much enjoyed from there Jess went on to work at Blue Cross For Pets, rehabilitating and helping to rehome many dogs and cats. Her love for horses led Jess to working on a livery yard for 5 years where she took on many responsibilities such as, heading up a team, riding many types of horses as well as ensuring the safety and welfare of horses and their owners alike. At home Jess has two Labradors, Wilf and Spud, she enjoy's using her spare time participating in field sports activities with them. When not with her dogs you can find Jess on the yard with her horse, Lola, who is a special part of her life and competes regularly throughout the year.

    Joining Snowy’s is a very new experience where Jess is keen to progress my knowledge in canine anatomy and rehabilitation of dogs.   

    • Level 3 in Hydrotherapy in small animals
    • Level 4 Advanced Treadmill Diploma
    • Diploma in Canine Behaviour
    • First Aider
    • Level 3 Diploma in Canine Sports Massage 
    • Certificate In Companion Animal Health Class IV Laser CTX Machine
    • Studying for a Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy

Lucy Clements

Hydrotherapist - Rehabilitation Co-Ordinator

Working with animals has always been a passion of Lucy's. Previously having worked on farms and in dog Kennels. Lucy started at Snowys with just the intention of doing work experience for a few months, but once Lucy started, she never left. Lucy is now a Level 3 Qualified Hydrotherapist and specialises in the laser therapy in conjunction with the hydrotherapy treatments. To further her knowledge, Lucy is currently working on her Level 3 Canine Anatomy and Physiology Diploma, and her Level 4 Diploma, enhancing her experience when organising a rehabilitation                                                                                         programme for the clients at Snowy's

At home Lucy, has 2 crazy spaniels, which she enjoys walking every day. In her spare time Lucy's other passion to dog's is showing cows, which Lucy has been doing since her my days at school.

  • Level 3 in Hydrotherapy in small animals
  • Certificate in Companion Animal Health Class IV Laser CTX Machine
  • First aider
  • Studying Level 4 Diploma in Canine Hydrotherapy
  • Studying Level 3 Canine Anatomy and Physiology Diploma

Chloe Gray

Hydrotherapist - Vet Report Co-Ordinator

Chloe joined Snowy's in August 2021 following her completion of her Diploma in Canine Hydrotherapy.

She has always loved animals and after seeing a friend’s dog show great improvement from the benefits of hydrotherapy, she decided that it was the perfect job for her! She has previously had work experience in an Equine Hydrotherapy centre. Chloe is looking forward to furthering her knowledge in canine physiology and behaviour during her time at Snowy’s. She is also excited to aid the dogs and improve their mobility.

At home, Chloe has her own chocolate Labrador who shares her love of food and long walks in the sun. Chloe enjoys spending most of her time outdoors, whether that be locally or abroad, with her favourite holiday destination being a family trip to Florida.

As she is reaching a year since joining the team at Snowy’s, she will be looking at increasing her knowledge and experience by completing a new course.

•             Level 3 Diploma in Hydrotherapy of small animals

•             Certificate In Companion Animal Health Class IV Laser CTX Machine

Claire Reeves

Trainee Hydrotherapist - Currently on Maternity Leave

Claire is our trainee Hydrotherapist. Claire joined Snowy’s in April 2019. She previously worked in a  dog-groomers, so has therefore gained lots of hands on experience with varied breeds and  temperaments.

Now that Claire is part of the team here at Snowy’s she feels she is very lucky to be a part of a local  growing business helping dogs to have the best quality of life and hopes to gain as much knowledge as possible in Canine Hydrotherapy and in other areas of conservative treatments to aid dog’s mobility and to maintain a pain free life. Claire has a passion for dogs and has five of her own at home. In her spare time Claire enjoys spending time at home in her garden or on family days out with her husband and two children, she also enjoys woodland walks with her dogs.  Claire is also now currently expecting with her third child. 

  • Currently studying to complete her Level 3 in Hydrotherapy in small animal.

  • First Aid for Dogs

  • Certificate in Companion Animal Health Class IV Laser CTX Machine

  • First aider

Aimee Donohue

Trainee Hydrotherapist - Insurance Co-Ordinator

Aimee joined us as a Trainee in March 2021, she is currently studying for her Level 3 Diploma in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals.
Aimee has a large love for all dogs and has previously worked as a dog walker so is experienced in handling and engaging our canine pals in various environments. Aimee has also done work experience for Barrow hill Veterinary surgery so is already aware of different clinical conditions and how to provide high quality care for those who have recently undergone surgery.

Aimee joined Snowy’s to continue to turn her passion of caring for our four-legged friends into a career and is eager to get involved and gain as much experience as she can from the other therapists to further her career and begin her training as a Hydrotherapist.

  • Studying for her Level 3 Diploma in Canine Hydrotherapy
  • First aider
  • Certificate in Companion Animal Health Class IV Laser CTX Machine

Dan Griffith

Trainee Hydrotherapist

Dan has been a familiar face on Saturdays at Snowy’s. Since first attending Snowy’s with his own dog, Fletcher, and aiding the team in the pool due to Fletcher being a large dog breed. Dan showed a natural affinity with handling in the centre and began his time at Snowy’s working Saturdays.  He has now embarked on his full time role here as a Trainee Hydrotherapist. 

Dan has three dogs of his own and has been working alongside his studies and has recently passed his driving test while he helps handle and swims canines in the centre. Dan is well experienced in handling our four-legged friends and enjoys his sessions in the pool and treadmill. When away from the centre Dan enjoys his gadgets and driving, especially playing with his digital team on online games.

John Dyson

Pool Technician and Maintenance

John has spent many years as an engineer. During this time, he has gained widespread knowledge, expertise, and established himself as a perfectionist in what he does. In this time, he hase become professional in many different fields. John  ensures that the pool is maintained to the highest quality possible, by using the most up to date environmentally friendly applications. This includes ensuring the quality of the water, the water is checked at least 3 times per day and records are kept of the chemical and pH balance. In addition to looking after the hydrotherapy pool, John makes  sure that the whole therapy centre is a safe and healthy environment for handlers, their dogs, and any visitors.